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Rafi Sudirman

About me

RAFI SUDIRMAN is an Indonesian singer, saxophonist, composer and music producer, who became a well-known Indonesian musician with his single “Goodnight” from his first EP “Bedroom Mix Vol.1.” Which had gained popularity and ultimately reached up to more than forty six thousand listeners. And his success continued with his second EP “Scenery”.


Born on October 31st, 2003, Rafi is a very musically talented boy who had started his musical journey when he was only 3 years old, his beautiful melodic voice always captivating anyone who hears it, and so he is often referred to as the boy with the golden voice. Continuing his journey, he would learn to play the saxophone and it easily became his next favorite thing after singing. Rafi can also skillfully play guitar, bass and piano as well.


Being a multitalented kid in music has made Rafi well known for his musical works and various performances and at many times have gotten him awarded locally and internationally. Rafi’s dedication and determination in music has given him many achievements, one of which in 2013, was the opportunity to be invited to meet the The 6th President of Indonesia, Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and the Governor of Jakarta, Mr. Joko Widodo. He also earned an award from Linda Amalia Sari Gumelar, acting Minister of Woman Empowerment and Children Protection. In the same year, Rafi was awarded singer of UNESCO APCEIU (Asia Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding) “Singing Asia to Live Together.”


In 2015 Rafi’s professional career started to grow rapidly when he was selected out of thousands of participants to be involved in “Diatas Rata-Rata 2” a music program initiated by Erwin Gutawa, a Maestro Indonesian Composer, and his daughter Gita Gutawa, a famous Indonesian singer. A program dedicated to musically gifted Indonesia children.


While in the Di Atas Rata-Rata project, Rafi, took the role of singer and saxophonist. This is where Rafi’s professional music career began. During his journey in the program, more than 5 singles and 1 album were produced. The songs by Rafi, “Hahaha”, “Tak Bisa Diam”, and “Bersama”, can be found in the Diatas Rata-Rata 2 album. Furthermore, Rafi’s songs “Aku Suka Hari Ini”, “Buka Puasa”, and “Ulang Tahun”, which were all made together with Laleilmanino and produced by Erwin Gutawa, were part of the Diatas Rata-Rata compilation album in collaboration with Kentucky Fried Chicken. 


In 2016 Diatas Rata-Rata 2 successfully held a music concert, which Rafi and his fellow participants performed in. Not long after the concert, President of Indonesia, Mr. Joko Widodo invited me to perform at Merdeka Palace celebrating Indonesian Independence Day. In the same year, Rafi was nominated as Best Children Solo Singer at the AMI Awards (Anugerah Musik Indonesia Awards), the Indonesian music industry’s most prestigious award ceremony. In 2017, Rafi won the AMI  Award for Best Male Children Solo Singer. 


Getting exclusively contracted by GUT Records under the leadership and guidance of a great Indonesian maestro, Erwin Gutawa, gave Rafi the experience to perform in some prestigious Indonesian musical shows, such as the Java Jazz Festival in March 2016, Prambanan Jazz Festival in Yogyakarta in July 2016, Jazz Goes to Campus in November 2017, and many more all over Indonesia. Not to mention performances on multiple Indonesian TV stations.  

Stepping into his teenage years, Rafi entered an International Choir competition, singing and playing the saxophone. He collaborates with Dwi Matra Choir and won the Gold Medal in Bali International Choir Festival (BICF) 2018. He also brought the Indonesian nation great pride at the European Choir Games 2019 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Where he earned the title of “Winner of the Grand Prix of Nations 2019” in the Jazz, Pop and Show category, which again gave him the opportunity to meet President of Indonesia, Mr. Joko Widodo at Merdeka Palace.


Through his experience in Diatas Rata-Rata, Rafi also gained the opportunity to collaborate with many famous Indonesian singers and musicians. Such as Afgan, Raisa, Vina Panduwinata, RAN, Maliq & d’Essentials, Glenn Fredly, Tompi, Sandhy Sondoro, Gita Gutawa, Rossa, Andi Rianto, Tohpati, Ardhito Pramono and many more.


After his contract with Erwin Gutawa ended, Rafi was once again asked to work together with famous Indonesian musician Candra Darusman to form a musical group called Chaseiro All Stars, which consist of famous, young, talented Indonesian singers Ardhito Pramono, Kafin Sulthan, Adikara Fardy, Vadi Akbar, Albert Fakdawer and Rega Dauna. Up until now, Rafi is still part of this group that is under the famous record label Musica Studios. Chaseiro All Stars has released two singles “Matahari di Hati” in early 2020, and “Ceria” in mid 2020.


As a multitalented kid in music, Rafi has produced an independent album, which he did without a label and or management. From writing the songs, music arrangements, mixing and mastering, to producing, he did it all on his own. He has released two albums titled “Bedroom Mix Vol.1”  and “Scenery”. His song “Goodnight” is currently viral on social media gaining 700 thousand listeners.


Rafi has also written and produced music for other singers and musicians. He has worked with three up and coming singers. The song “Still You” sang by Alya Syahrani, and “Confession” by Cinta Aurelee and Jessica Andrea. He also played saxophone and collaborated with Rafi Daeng and Mahesa Santoso in the instrumental song titled “Dal Segno”. And Rafi also took part in creating the single “Hari Ini” featuring Wfr Band.


Now, at the age of seventeen, Rafi has accomplished so many great things in music, and he will continue to go through the process by pursuing many more experiences and gaining more knowledge. Because he believes there is nothing instant in creating extraordinary masterpieces. Have will continue to have faith and trust the process. 

My Music Journey

Latest videos

My Performances



  • The University of Indonesia ARTX, Nov 23th 
  • S-26 Gold Wyeth Indonesia Online Concert, “Belajar Jadi Anak Hebat”, Nov 17 th
  • Written, arranged, produced, mixed, and mastered a very famous single “Goodnight” . It became viral and has reached more than 700 thousands of listeners on Spotify, Oct 12th
  • Written, arranged, produced, mixed, and mastered the single “When I’m all Alone”. It has reached more than 250 thousands listeners on Spotify, Oct 12th
  • Online Concert at Padjajaran University, Bandung Oct 11th
  • Guest Star on The Ministry of Education and Culture webinar event , Oct 31st
  • Written, arranged, produced, mixed, and mastered  ‘Still You’ a song for Alya Syahrani, an up and coming Indonesia singer, Sept 11th
  • 7 Ruang Online Concert with Chaseiro All Stars & Candra Darusman, August 28th
  • Written, arranged, produced, mixed, and mastered ‘Confession’ song for Cinta Aurelee dan Jessica Andrea two new up and coming Indonesian singer Sept 18th
  • Produced ‘Rhapsody Indonesia’ for Slank, a famous Indonesian Rock band featuring Gitabumi Choir August 18th
  • Rumah Musik Indonesia TVRI Online Concert, with  Chaseiro All Stars, August 17th
  • Indonesia National Music Day Concert Featuring Ardhito pramono, March 1st           


  • Bedroom Mix Concert Vol.1 at SCBD-Jakarta, Dec 15th
  • HSC Concert of SMA Negeri 34 at Istora Senayan collaborated with Maliq & d’Essentials, Sept 14th
  • ALIXCUP Concert, Oct 12th
  • I See Festival-Gelora Bung Karno, Sept 29th
  • Railink Jazz 2019 at BNI City Station-Jakarta, Sept 1st
  • Invited by President of Indonesia, Mr.  Joko Widodo and Performed at the Independence Day Ceremony, August 17th
  • Winner of the Category Jazz, Pop & Show Gothenburg, Sweden, August 12th
  • Winner of the Grand Prix of Nations Gothenburg Sweden, August 12th
  • Written, arranged, produced, mixed, and mastered his First EP “Bedroom Mix Vol 1”, It has reached more than 800 thousands of listeners on Spotify
  • Lazada Simfoni Ramadhan  LIVE SCTV collaborated with Diatas Rata-Rata LIVE SCTV, May 13th
  • Procal Gold S-26 Launching at Fairmont Hotel Jakarta, May 2nd
  • LCLR Plus 2 Chaseiro All Stars Concert at Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta, Feb 15th
  • Erwin Gutawa Puja Indonesia Concert at Taman Ismail Marzuki,  Jakarta, Jan 31st


  • 40th CHASEIRO Anniversary – Dunia Di Batas Senja Concert, Balai Kartini, Jakarta, Oct 28th 
  • Indomusik Day Episode 17, Neo Soho Mall, Jakarta, Sept 22nd
  • Papandayan Jazz Festival Bandung collaborated with WFR Band, Sept 21st
  • Sky Avenue Concert , Istora Senayan, Jakarta, Sept 15th
  • Gold Winner of Show Choir Category, 7th  Bali International Choir Competition, August 9th
  • Astra Financial Event, Ice BSD, August 5th 


  • JGTC Festival, Universitas of Indonesia, Nov 26th
  • Winner of The Best Children Solo Singer AMI AWARDS, Nov 16th
  • Jazz Goes to Campus, JW MARRIOT-Jakarta, Nov 11th
  • Little VIP Concert, Makassar METRO TV, Sept 8th
  • Little VIP Concert Anak Merdeka METRO TV, August 13th
  • Musik Bagus Day Volume 8, Cilandak Town Square-Jakarta, July 13th
  • Earth Hour Concert (Ambassador), Bandung, March 26th
Gold Medal in Bali International Choir Festival (BICF) 2017


  • Nominee of The Best Children Solo Singer, AMI AWARDS, Nov 29th
  • Invited by President of Indonesia and Performed at The Indonesia Independence Day Celebration, August 17th
  • Independence Day Concert on NET TV, August 17th
  • Prambanan Jazz Festival, Yogyakarta in July 2016
  • LIVE on Metro TV, July 23rd
  • INBOX LIVE on SCTV, June 27th
  • Festival Ramadhan LIVE on INDOSIAR TV, June 27th
  • Indonesia Morning Show on NET TV, June 5th
  • Prudential Awards with Magenta Orchestra Featuring Raisa, Afgan, Andi Rianto, Kikan, and Candil, Ritz Carlton, Jakarta, April 8th
  • Diatas Rata- Rata Concert, Ciputra Artpreneur, Jakarta, April 2nd
  • Java Jazz Festival, JIEXPO Kemayoran-Jakarta, March 4th
  • Indonesia Morning Show LIVE on NET TV, March 22nd


  • BRI 120 th Anniversary, Dec 27th
  • Trio Lestari LIVE Concert on TRANS TV, Dec 22nd
  • Indosat OOREDOO Concert, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Jakarta, Nov 26th
  • Tapping Kompas TV Kidznezia, Oct 29th
  • Voice Of Children LIVE Concert on SCTV, Oct 17th
  • INBOX LIVE Concert on SCTV, Oct 11th
  • Kompas TV 50th  Anniversary, Sept 3rd
  • Happy Show LIVE on TRANS TV, August 21st


  • Satu Indonesia Indonesia Salut Concert, Nov 26th
  • Unilever Concert, Hotel Mulia, Nov 21st
  • Selected candidate from thousands of participants for “Diatas Rata-Rata” musical program initiated by Erwin Gutawa, a Maestro Indonesian Composer, July 4th


  • National Children Day Celebration, attended by the 6th President of Indonesia, Mr.  Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, July 23rd
  • Awarded singer of UNESCO APCEIU on “Singing Asia Live Together“